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Monday, January 24, 2005

After the blizzard

The blizzard of 2005 arrived in Rhode Island Saturday afternoon. Kevin and I went to the Brown-P.C. hockey game that evening anyway, and the Subaru didn't let us down. (Nor did the Bears: 5-1.)

Yesterday the snow continued, and howling winds all day, much drifting. This morning the sun and the banked snow were blinding. It was Day 2 of an official state emergency, so I had no work and the kids no school. Daisy and I walked down Sargent Street at 8:45 a.m.; there was scarcely a car on the road, so I let her off the leash to frolic with her chow-mix friend Sam, and she was frisky as a pup. The official snowfall for Providence was 24", but it drifted up to 5 feet in places, very sculptural and sleek.

The snow makes me want to be out of the city and living where there are wider spaces, evergreens with drooping boughs, lots of birds, and paths where Daisy can be off her leash more often. A dream for someday. I keep worrying that we'll run out of "somedays" -- but I should stop thinking of myself as old. :-)


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