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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Been Slammed

Here is my Next Big Thing in blues music: Back Door Slam. These three kids -- ages 19 and 20 -- come from the little Isle of Man in the U.K. and play blues and rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. With some Hendrix thrown in. No lie.

The drummer and bass player are fine, but it's the guy in the middle, Davy Knowles, who will set your world afire if you're into electric blues guitar. He has an amazingly mature blues voice to match. Watch his near flawless performance of "Ain't No City" in Ireland and the band's cover of Hendrix's monster blues classic "Red House" in a bar in Austin, where they wowed folks at SouthXSouthwest.

There is a Back Door Slam CD, and I have it, and it's OK. But clearly this is a band you've gotta hear in person, judging by the energy in those YouTube videos. I'll be watching for my chance.

Many thanks to Tony and our mutual friend LM for introducing me to this exciting young band.


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