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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmastime is here

Somehow I knew that having our first Christmas (and especially Christmas tree) in this house would cement the feeling of home for all of us. And behold, it is so.

This year we are keeping the gift quotient low, with an emphasis on stocking stuffers. I don't miss the panicky, last-minute shopping atmosphere one bit.

Yesterday, while Melinda attended her six-month performance review at Forever 21 (she got a 48-cent hourly raise!), I spent an hour in Benny's Home & Auto and purchased a few things for Caroline and some useful little gifts for the kids.

All approaches to the mall were clogged with cars, and I could only imagine the chaos inside the parking garage. It was nice to browse in a small store with ample parking, well away from the glittering "temple of commerce" downtown, and then to pick up Melinda and head back home in time to photograph an interesting sunset.

Hope you are all savoring this season and not being overwhelmed by it!


  • Not having to scramble for gifts is a perk of being Jewish.... My family's tradition doesn't include Chanukah gifts. (Traditionally, it wasn't a gifting holiday.) We do give the kids little things - gift cards and some "gelt" (cash). I did get some little gifties for the office gift exchange.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Dec 20, 11:18:00 AM EST  

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