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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blessings 7-12-09

1. Thirty-four years ago, Michael and I faced the Rev. Donald Finley at the front of the austere Mattapoisett Congregational Church in my Massachusetts hometown and exchanged "I do's." This morning we exchanged anniversary cards, one of which included a fart joke.

2. Reading in the New York Times Magazine about whales that seem to seek connection with humans.

3. Taking my old, 5-speed granny bike to be tuned up by a local repair man. Buying a wicker basket to hang from the front handlebars.

4. Freshly shampooed hair drying outside in a warm breeze.

5. Two weeks of leisure stretching before me like the yellow brick road: no deadlines, just a stack of library books and the promise of good weather.


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