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Saturday, March 19, 2005

For the birds (and dog)

Kevin and "Chip"

Parakeets were how we eased back into pet ownership after the hectic years when our kids were young and demanded all of our time. First we got Princess Patty, a cranky green budgie who was on consignment along with her cage at a used-furniture store. Then, from an Internet classified ad, we got lovely yellow Laurie.

After those first two parakeets passed on, we got Blueberry and Chip, pictured here on Andrés's shoulder.

My final triumph, five years ago, was bringing home our adored pit-beagle mutt, Daisy, from the Providence animal shelter. She's the sweetest (and easiest) dog we've ever had, the heart of our household. Here she is festooned in ribbons from Andrés's birthday gifts last weekend:


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