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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hockey heaven

The Brown men's and women's seasons are over, the Olympics have come and gone, but there is still enough hockey to fill a weekend. Such as this one that is just ending.

Friday afternoon: Kevin's team (Sabres) played in, and lost, the first game of a best-of-3 series with the Kings in their league playoffs opening round.

Friday night: Michael, Kevin, and I went to the RI high school Division I boys' championship opening game between Bishop Hendricken High and Mount St. Charles, at the Providence College rink. Hendricken shut out the Mounties and went on to win the title the following night. Coincidentally we ended up sitting with my old college classmate/buddy Steve, a sparkplug center for the Bears back in the day; his son, Brendan, was the Mounties' captain and wore the same #7 as Steve had. I love the lifelong hockey fraternity.

Saturday morning: Michael and I drove to Walpole with Kevin and watched the Sabres trounce the Kings, 3-1, with Kevin scoring two goals, including a wondrous breakaway.

Saturday afternoon: All four of us (Melinda reluctantly) drove to Worcester, had a late-afternoon dinner at our favorite Armenian restaurant, and went to the NCAA Division 1 Northeast Regional championship game between Boston College and Boston University at the Centrum. College hockey at that level is a thing of beauty, even though this particular game was one-sided to the point of monotony. BC won, 5-0. Go Eagles!

Sunday afternoon: We drove to Walpole again, where the Kings shut out our Sabres, ending Kevin's season.

Tonight (Sunday): We watched, on TV, an incredible contest of skill and endurance between U. Wisconsin and Cornell for another regional championship. In the third overtime, after at least one player had literally crawled across the ice to his bench from sheer exhaustion and muscle cramps, a Wisconsin forward named Skille snapped a beautiful hard shot past phenomenal Cornell goalie David McKee. We were rooting for Cornell out of Ivy loyalty, but I couldn't begrudge Wisconsin the win; they outshot their opponent by nearly 2-1 and never lost an ounce of intensity through all that overtime.

So, yeah, that was a pretty good hockey weekend. Eh?


  • Yo Listmom:

    That Wisconsin - one of my other alma maters - team went on to win the national championship. Oh, and the Wisconsin women's team won their verison of the frozen four. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Now the strains of:
    On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
    Plunge right through that line!...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Apr 14, 09:48:00 PM EDT  

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