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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Picture post!

Experience has shown that I am most likely to get feedback on this blog when I share family occasions and photos – even though I'm reluctant to impose the virtual equivalent of the old captive-audience slide show on visitors.

Herewith a few pictures of family times from recent months. Hey, you asked for it!

Mid-September 2007:
We joined our dear friends Bonnie and Jay at another friend's waterfront estate in Bristol, RI, for an engagement party celebrating their daughter Avery and her fiancé Matt. Jay and Michael have been friends since the mid 1960s at Brown, rugby teammates; Bonnie and Jay are Melinda's godparents, and we all love Avery like a sister and daughter. We are so happy for everyone, and look forward to the April wedding at our own church.

Another pic from the same engagement party. Here we have three alumni of the Providence Rugby Club, c. 1970s-80s, including two of its founders: Bob, Bill, and Michael.

September 30
Melinda, her friend Julie C, and I visited Barden's Orchard in Scituate to pick apples and buy pumpkins and corn. Rhode Island is more than the Ocean State; for a small state it has many family-run farms and orchards. We love riding out into rural areas to take advantage of the harvest.

October 2007
A female Cooper hawk (tentative identification) spent a morning visiting us along the walking path. She was visible from our porch and allowed me to stroll up quite close and take photos. Splendid!

Everybody loves Thanksgiving with the aunts, uncles, and cousins in North Reading. Especially with so many delectable desserts to choose from. From left: Eric, Kevin, Melinda, Andrés, and Jared.

November 2007
Caroline turned two!

Mom Leslie helped the birthday girl unwrap presents.

Just in time for the first big snow, I hung a mesh thistle feeder (tubular bag) from a tree outside our living-room windows. A squirrel promptly tore a big hole in it, and many ground-feeding birds arrived to feast on the spillage. From left: sparrow, female cardinal, junco. Since then we've hung several more (and more sophisticated) feeders and are enjoying the daily show, including goldfinches and little woodpeckers.

Our first Christmas in the Warwick house. Melinda was the "elf" who passed out presents to everyone.

Christmas morning, continued:
Went to Leslie and Jon's for a delicious brunch and more presents.

Uncle Kevin, Caroline, Uncle Andrés, and Aunt Melinda

Dad Jon helps Caroline unwrap her new flowerpot toy from Nana.

Winners of the "Best Christmas Smile" contest.

We entertained at home twice between Christmas and New Year's: first our new(ish) and fun friends Greg and Christine (parents of Melinda's best friend Julie B.), and then my brother John and wife Karen. Lots of cooking, lots of eating and drinking, lots of laughter and good times.

By New Year's Day, I looked like this:


On January 2, Caroline and I went for a very cold early-morning walk on Oakland Beach with Daisy. Check her little red nose!

Back in the warm house, Caroline ate breakfast with Poppop at our kitchen island.

Happy 2008 to all!


  • I, of course, love that little red nose!

    By Blogger bozoette, at Mon Jan 07, 04:18:00 PM EST  

  • Anne, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I had actually visited your blog some time ago (also via Ian's blog comments) and managed to stumble on your posts on adoption. It was very encouraging for me to read at the time. Now, only days away from our first interview with our social worker, reading about your children almost all grown up and seeing your family photos, I am once again encouraged that this long wait and all the paperwork will be well worth it!

    By Blogger Bean, at Tue Jan 08, 01:44:00 PM EST  

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