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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golden boys

Who met David Beckham last night? We did!

Outside the locker rooms at Gillette Stadium: Cousin Jared's girlfriend Molly, cousin Eric, sister-in-law Shelley (who complimented Becks on his cologne and asked if it was the new one he's just released; it was), Beckham, Andrés, and Kevin looking a little overwhelmed – he was.

Thanks to Michael's brother, who does business with the New England Revolution's manager, we had free tickets in a fancy section of the stadium for a Major League Soccer contest between the Revs and the Los Angeles Galaxy last night in Foxboro. The game was fun to watch, if not terribly exciting (2-2 tie); there were several pretty goals that brought the crowd to its feet, as did "The Wave," which circled the stadium three times.

Kevin, Andrés, Molly, and Jared inside the stadium

Eric and Kevin give Andrés a lift in the VIP concourse.

The cousins enjoyed seeing each other and horsing around. From Syracuse, Melinda pouted via text messages.

The best part, of course, was waiting for the players to emerge from their locker rooms. The kids nabbed autographs on their shirts and ticket stubs (yay for Mom, who remembered to bring black Sharpie markers) and had their photos taken.

The boys with LA's Greg Vanney, formerly of DC United (Kevin's favorite; he's wearing their fan jersey).

The Rev's Shalrie Joseph, above, a dreadlocked Grenadian with the night's best smile – perhaps because he'd just scored his first goal of the season – was talkative and gracious in the parking lot afterward. He easily looks 10 years younger than his age, 30.

"It's fun being a VIP," Kevin said on the way home. No kidding! Lucky, we were.


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