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Monday, July 13, 2009

Blessings 7-13-09

1. Discovering that sunflowers have grown unnoticed – perhaps from feeder seed scattered by birds last winter and spring? – among the weeds and lilies across the street.

2. Walking Daisy on the beach first thing in the morning when everything smells fresh.

3. Getting my ancient Italian 5-speed bike repaired. It's back home tonight, somewhat rusty on the fenders but in working order and with new tires. Tomorrow I will ride!

4. The way I feel like a different person – energized, light, springy – when I wear my favorite sneakers. Which I will do more often this summer, instead of sliding into flip-flops all the time.

5. The first local butter-and-sugar corn on the cob. Not quite at peak sweetness yet, but still a treat at supper tonight.


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