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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beyond loneliness

"Loneliness is the price we have to pay for being born in this modern world, so full of freedom, independence and our own egotistical selves."        
 - Natsume Soseki, Kokoro (a novel), 1914
Quoted in The End of Your Life Book Club
by Will Schwalbe
How contemporary is that?

There is lonely and there is alone. When Michael first began working and living in another state five years ago, I was terribly lonely - and it got worse when our youngest left for college in 2010, leaving me the only person in this house five days a week.

Somewhere along the way, I learned how to be alone without feeling desperate or incomplete. I'm still an enthusiastically social creature, as my Facebook activity attests. But I have also come to love my quiet home, walks with the dog along the shore or through neighborhood streets, the silent gaze of the waxing moon in an indigo sky after sunset. Alone, I can shed the armor of my ego and just be.


  • Since I was am blessed to be your friend for so long, I have seen you embrace your alone time with such grace. I know it must not be easy but your sacrifices have enabled you to be you without the analysis in your head. xo love to you, dear friend. Lu

    By Blogger Cheryl Leigh, at Fri Feb 14, 09:12:00 AM EST  

  • So lovely to see some posts from you. I haven't written much of anything--blogs or comments--anywhere, but I still try to keep up and it's nice to "see you" again here. Happy that you have dealt with the changes and seem to have found some peace and calm.

    By Anonymous Mindy, at Thu Feb 27, 10:33:00 AM EST  

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