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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In a galaxy far, far away

Waiting in line to see "Attack of the Clones"

Indianapolis. Star Wars Celebration III. Four and a half days of bonding with a group of warm, sassy women from all over the U.S. and Canada. Walking miles in our sneakers and sandals. Standing in lines for hours. Waiting outside under umbrellas at 6 a.m. to hear Hayden Christensen by phone from Italy at noon.

One square meal a day, and plenty of bottled water: more than enough! Adrenaline too cranked up to feel hungry.

Did I already say amazing women? Instant friends after years of e-mail about Star Wars. Age range: 31 to 59. Single women, moms, grandmother. We laughed, confided, screamed, held hands, pointed out the rare cute fanboy, flirted with stormtroopers, posed with Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker doubles, bought SW postcards and Vader figurines.

Darth Vader and yours truly

Lots of fan costumes to ogle:

We saw everything we had hoped to: George Lucas, the master of all masters himself. Rick McCallum, producer and cheerful noodge. Hayden by telephone. "Attack of the Clones" on the last night with a couple thousand other SW fans and an awesome sound system. "Star Wars in 30 Minutes" (hilarious half-hour play based on the original film trilogy). Nick Gillard, stunt wizard and swordsman. The guys who played Jango Fett and his younger clone. A fan in costume who could have been Anakin Skywalker's twin.

Crazy Midwest weather: 85-degree heat the first day, then rain and cold wind, then spectacular thunderstorms, hail, a tornado nearby. Then two days of bitter cold and snow flurries. Then, on my way home by bus, a blizzard in Indiana and Ohio.

Me with a storm trooper buddy.

We all cried when we said good-bye on Sunday. For nearly five days, we had lived like college roommates or summer campers. We didn't cook, do laundry, or help anyone with homework. We had the entire Star Wars universe on display inside the convention center for us to enjoy, along with some 40,000 (!) other fans, and --most memorable of all, as it turned out -- each other's company.

Best. Time. Ever. Bring on C4!


  • I envy you, that you were able to get away and have fun. Glad you had a good time. You Go, Girl!

    By Anonymous Gail, at Thu May 05, 03:31:00 PM EDT  

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