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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Since the 26th of June I have:

10. Switched to Fridays off (love the long weekends but miss the midweek break).

9. Bought way too many tickets to way too many Los Lonely Boys concerts this fall.

8. Finally received my Melmac-type Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader holographic plate (woo hoo). Still waiting for: My green Yoda zip-up hoodie back-ordered from since early May. Wahh.

7. Discovered Limoncello, which I am drinking this very minute (yum yum). Did I say "drinking"? Of course I meant "sipping reverently."

6. Drove to Little Compton with Melinda for the annual church fair at the Commons and met new friend Carolyn there and bought some of her beautiful jewelry; and sighed about the beauty of Little Compton; and sighed again after checking real estate prices and concluding that, indeed, "you can't go home again."

5. Probably been too outspoken at work on sundry matters ... (sound of yet another nail being pounded into Anne's career coffin)

4. Gone to a family reunion in western New Jersey where we attended a Mass in Mom D's memory and celebrated Katie's graduation from Marist College.

3. Celebrated Michael's and my 30th wedding anniversary with a lovely broiled haddock dinner.

2. Worried about Kevin's health all last week. He probably had a mild form of viral meningitis - just like Brad Pitt.

1. Grown some fabuloso lilies in my side and front gardens.

Which leads me to this thought:

"Beauty takes us beyond the visible to the height of consciousness, past the ordinary to the mystical, away from the expedient to the endlessly true."
- Joan Chittister

Off to the Green Mountain state we go. I will try not to buy too many cow tchotchkes.


  • I like the mid-week break myself, this way it seems like we get two weekends in a week. I guess it's all about what we are used to an prefer, I might try your newly discovered drink too.hehe

    By Blogger kman, at Sun Jul 31, 09:45:00 AM EDT  

  • You have beautiful PEONIES!!! (sigh) I miss peonies, and lilacs too. How do you keep ants off the peonies -- we never could quite manage that.

    You have beautiful CHILDREN!!!!

    You saw Mick IN PERSON!!!!!
    (swoon, faint, thud)

    By Anonymous Deirdre, at Sun Jul 31, 06:30:00 PM EDT  

  • Hey, kman, you're absolutely right about the Wed. break. I like being in the office two days, then out one day; back in for two days, then the weekend. Works for me! I'll return to that sched when my kids return to school this fall. Re: Limoncello -- really yummy; keep it in the fridge so it's icy cold for hot summer nights. It's a tad sweet but not enough to keep me away from it. (g)
    - Anne

    By Blogger AnneD, at Wed Aug 03, 09:59:00 AM EDT  

  • Deirdre: Ants are supposed to be on peonies. I don't remember why! I just leave them alone. Maybe they eat the bad little critters (aphids) on the budding plants.

    I try to grow lilacs in the back yard (one is a descendant of my late mother's glorious lilac bush), but it's too shady for them to bloom. :-(
    - Anne

    By Blogger AnneD, at Wed Aug 03, 10:00:00 AM EDT  

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