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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Worry. Worry worry worry.

Man, I dislike this "uh-oh" feeling. This out-on-a-limb feeling.

Here we are, the proud owners (since last Friday) of not one, but two houses and more mortgages and loans than I want to ponder. We are doing an insane amount of work on the new house in Oakland Beach. You strip back carpeting and find water stains: uh-oh. You remove a tchotchke nailed to the wall and the paneling begins pulling off. Uh-oh. You measure the counter for Corian and find the sink is rusting around the edges.

Freakin' UH-OH!

OK, it's an older house (1904) and hasn't been rehabbed in at least 25 years. Yeah, I'm cool with that. No problemo. What's a few thousand bucks more?

Then, when we have the perfect potential buyers for our current house, they get cold feet and cancel the second showing and make an excuse about dropping out of the market for at least a month. This, after we've just kissed off an extremely interested (but financially unqualified) couple who kept coming in with the lowest of lowball offers. Back to square one.

Say it loud: UH-OH.

I must stay calm. Take deeper breaths and stop hyperventilating. Calm. Cahhhhhhhhhhlm. Ommmmmmmmmmm.

Send us some good house-selling vibes, OK? Or I might have to push that red button up there.


  • Sending you some warm fuzzies to sell that house!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jun 27, 04:24:00 PM EDT  

  • oh anne...i know the feeling..and i just redid one room! dates from article..sigh...gouing to aspen for 3 weeks..good luck on house..susan silver

    By Blogger susan, at Wed Jun 28, 09:15:00 PM EDT  

  • good lucks and good vibes all over you! and if James and I lived on the East Coast, we'd have bought your house right away! it's gorgeous!

    By Blogger helenjane, at Thu Jun 29, 12:37:00 PM EDT  

  • Anne.. saw your post over at Ian's yesterday. On your hip issue, i once had the same problem.. i am a side sleeper. I now sleep with a pillow between my knees. It stopped getting worse but did not get better. I then used a king size pillow that also supported my feet as well. Hip pain went bye bye in about 4 weeks. Maybe it could work for you.

    By Anonymous kevin from NC, at Thu Jun 29, 01:13:00 PM EDT  

  • When we were saddled with two mortgages for a few months, a few people encouraged us to bury a statue of Saint Joseph" upside-down near the front door. They swore that it would bring some real estate karma our way.

    We didn't do it, but eventually our old house did sell.

    Sending those good vibes your way ...

    By Blogger tjs, at Mon Jul 03, 06:14:00 PM EDT  

  • Well, did you sell that other house yet? If so, panic's over! Relax!

    By Blogger uknowwhoiyam, at Sat Aug 26, 01:14:00 AM EDT  

  • You remove a tchotchke nailed to the wall and the paneling begins pulling off.

    No! That was a load-bearing tchotchke!

    By Blogger uknowwhoiyam, at Sun Aug 27, 10:54:00 PM EDT  

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