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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting there

We are beginning to move things into our new house in Warwick. Well, "new" is a funny adjective for a house we bought 11 months ago. The rehab took about four times longer than we had thought.

Here are two photographs. I took the first one in August 2006 after we painted the downstairs. Shortly thereafter, we decided the weird staircase to the second floor needed to be relocated. It was chopping up our first floor and making everything seem awkward and claustrophobic.

Our carpenter tore down the old staircase, made major adjustments to the second-floor landing, walled up one of two doors leading to the first-floor sunroom, and created a new staircase alongside the wall.

Voila! (May 2007) The alteration created a more spacious first floor. Not to mention we now have real oak flooring in place of cement and wall-to-wall carpet. Kevin (5'10") puts things in perspective.


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