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Sunday, May 13, 2007

She knows me well

Melinda, at right, being inducted into the National Honor Society
May 1, 2007

As Mother's Day tributes go, my 16-year-old daughter will be hard pressed in future years to top the original poem she inscribed in the card that awaited me this morning. Take a look:

Dear Mother,
Here is a poem just for you.
xxoo Melinda


You are the best mom in all the land.
What other mom would travel just to see a band?
No other mom is quite like you.
Who else would answer to the name "Moomoo"?

From OK Go to Los Lonely Boys
And your collection of Star Wars toys,
You have become the coolest mom today.
What other mom goes insane about using "lie" or "lay"?--

Only one who is an editor at Brown,
And the best mom in the entire town.
Who happens to be the mom for me
And makes me laugh so hard I slap my knee!

Today is your day to have fun.
Take a nap or just tan in the sun,
Because tomorrow you will be making lunches,
And my love for you will expand in bunches.

Have a Happy Mother's Day,
But only after you throw this poem away!


Fat chance of that, lovely daughter. This is what parents call "a keeper."


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