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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crowning glory

This morning, Melinda's hair hung nearly to her waist, a shining fall of black satin that she has carefully nurtured for a year.

At Strands Salon, left, with our stylist Eileen, 1 p.m., a little nervous.

By 2 p.m., Melinda had a new 'do.

Somewhere, a woman undergoing cancer treatments will soon have a wig made partially of Melinda's thick, strong tresses – free of charge, thanks to this program sponsored by Pantene hair products.

Is it a coincidence that for the past year we've prayed (successfully, so far!) for our kids' longtime former babysitter, Diane, who underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation for breast cancer and proudly sported a shiny bald head for months afterwards? I think not. I think my daughter's anxiety for Diane led directly to this day, this haircut, this gleaming gift to a stranger coping with serious illness.


Postscript: "Locks of Love," a well-known and popular destination for donated hair, currently receives more than it can use and throws much of it away. Please consider Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program if you have at least 8 inches of hair (measured from just above ponytail elastic to ends) to donate.


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