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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The sun is racing north

For several weeks now, I've had to walk to the beach at the end of Strand Avenue near our house in order to watch the sun set over the water, unimpeded by telephone wires and other distractions. How quickly our Earth seems to tilt toward summer! This does not, alas, hasten the arrival of warm temperatures, especially when a sea breeze is involved.

One night a week or two ago I saw:

1) A father driving his child around the bike path and the beach in a yellow ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Our city does not allow these on either the path or the beach. You can see the ATV's tracks in the sand at lower right in the photograph above, and again in the picture below. ATVs can cause undue beach erosion by shifting the sand around and also disturb wildlife.

Michael and I have called the police several times about this driver, who lives on the street behind us, and also about a group of young teen boys who race their red ATV on the beach. By the time the police come, the rascals are long gone – except for one night when a cop and I waded in total darkness through the dry brush and pricker-bushes to the point overlooking the channel where the kids were hiding from us. As soon as the officer shined his flashlight their way, they were OFF with a vroooom down the beach, heading inland. I am embarrassed to admit that I yelled, "Stop! Police!" I think the cop was amused.

2) This beam standing straight up on the beach. I have no idea why it is there – I'm guessing it was a support under the old railroad bridge that washed away in a storm. I enjoy its resemblance to a monument and also the way it glows in the evening sunlight.

3) A somewhat phallic and definitely dangerous remnant of rusty, twisted metal, perhaps part of a fence torn away by one of the hurricanes.

3) The sunset. An older couple was walking along the shore when I took this picture. It is nice when others come to enjoy our beach and the views here in a quiet, respectful way.


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