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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Got hatches? Time to batten them

The above chart shows the projected path (as of less than an hour ago) of Tropical Storm Hanna, which at one time was a hurricane. Its center is supposed to pass right over Rhode Island tonight. Crossing fingers that we don't lose power.

Yesterday's weather was just the opposite, as these photos illustrate. Andrés, Caroline, and I splashed around and soaked up rays on our little beach at the end of the road. Then I spent the rest of the day in my Speedo grannie swimsuit, with shorts over it, even when I walked Daisy at 6 pm. It truly feels like living at a vacation cottage here, and I love it.

We spotted a lovely praying mantis, one of many I've seen lately, on the sedum plant in our front yard. Soon the females will be getting ready to lay their egg sacs, committing spouse-icide in the process. Nature!

We have also been host to a large yellow-tan grasshopper that is missing one hind leg – perhaps the reason he sticks close to, occasionally even rests on, our porch? I know they can be bad guys with plants, but I can't bear to kill anything more than an inch long with googly eyes that follow me around as I talk to it.

The waning days of summer are precious.


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