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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall back

Remember to set your clocks back this Saturday night, kiddies. It's the time change I actually like: we get an extra hour of sleep. Of course, we pay with early darkness for the next few months, but at this point it's nearly dark when I get home around 6 pm anyway.

Autumnal stuff:

Grasses and foliage at the end of our road.

Looks like a poinsettia, no? It's foliage on my hydrangea bush. I love the wine-purple color of the leaves in fall.

The Brant geese are back! Lots of soft honking in the evenings. Must brace myself for hunting season. (Yes, that is the Jamestown Bridge arching in the distance. And a container ship at Davisville.)

Andrés has talent with a camera. He took some sweet black-and-whites of Caroline last Friday. She turns three in a month – hard to believe.

Hi ho, it's off to parents weekend at Syracuse we go – tomorrow. I hope the independent daughter will let mom get her arms around her at least once this weekend. She pretty much has no choice. *evil witch cackle*

Happy Halloween, everyone! Save me a Reese's PB cup, please.


  • That grandchild of yours is adorable/gorgeous. Nice pictures, all.

    Good morning, out from a mostly restless night wherein a bath became necessary after a diaper change... Oh so tired... (But loving the cuddling). :-)

    By Blogger Karen, at Fri Oct 31, 08:35:00 AM EDT  

  • I had a few peanut butter cups for you, hope it was a happy Halloween for you and yours too.

    Andrés shares your gift for taking lovely pictures, although it's easy with such a pretty subject. ;)

    By Blogger BrideOfPorkins, at Sun Nov 02, 04:58:00 PM EST  

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