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Friday, October 10, 2008

A thousand words

I promise I won't blog again (or at least not often! ha ha) about this presidential election. And I want to clarify that I believe this country is good and strong enough that we can work through crises no matter what individual occupies the White House. (After all, we've survived eight years of the man now considered the worst president in U.S. history.) Not for nothing did the Founding Fathers design a government with checks and balances.

However, the desperation of the McCain-Palin campaign has given tacit license to those Neanderthals among us who embrace ignorance and slander – who devalue the rightful primacy of thoughtful debate by gleefully promulgating such travesties as this billboard in West Plains, Missouri:

I'm not afraid of these racist jerks. But I'm sad to realize just how vile the worst of America can be.

We may not be Jedi, but we're better than this.

Shout-out to Ian for the billboard link and inspiration.


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