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Friday, March 20, 2009


An earlier post suggested this winter poem.

After snowfall

The waveless bay is silver.
Look: A black arrow of geese
hurtles up the cove.

Stalks of grass slant,
sepia on white: a Wyeth watercolor.
Sparrows puff against the cold.

Sprung from her leash, Daisy bolts behind me,
tearing a seam in pristine snow.
Her earflaps fly like flags.

I could watch her run forever.
I could hunt reflections of bright cold sky.
I could listen to pure silence here
where nothing is enough.


  • This poem is incredibly beautiful and so well written. So much of it is so breathtaking! I love the images: "a black arrow of geese", framing the landscape as a Wyeth image, "tearing a seam in the pristine snow", and that final paragraph, WOW!

    I guess you could say I loved it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 22, 06:43:00 PM EDT  

  • By the way, I've been thinking about and wondering if you are still missing your "New Yorker" subscription, because if you are, I'd like to get it for you.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 22, 08:41:00 PM EDT  

  • Maayan, I am so moved by both of your comments, I can barely breathe. Thank you ever so much. I don't know what to say about your offer. Yes, I miss my New Yorker subscription, but it isn't essential.

    By Blogger Anne D., at Sun Mar 22, 09:26:00 PM EDT  

  • You're very welcome.

    I'm sure you know The Little Prince quote: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    Even if it isn't essential in a practical sense, it may still be essential to your heart. It would be a gift from mine.


    By Blogger maayan, at Tue Mar 24, 03:24:00 PM EDT  

  • PS If you wish to contact me (and by all means do not feel at all obligated!) feel free to get my email address from Rabbi Fleischmann.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 26, 11:04:00 AM EDT  

  • I love your poems, and this one makes me miss the snow.

    By Blogger BrideOfPorkins, at Thu Apr 02, 12:01:00 AM EDT  

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