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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pretty things

1. Isn't this a pretty supper? It's Kevin's, from tonight. (His had the ranch dressing. Mine had balsamic vinaigrette.)

I made the quiche last night from odds and ends such as leftover cooked broccoli, two orphaned strips of bacon in the fridge, onion, some cherry tomatoes; used a frozen pie crust from Stop & Shop. The pie crust was "ehh" but everything else tasted great.

I've been doing moderately well at planning and preparing meals ahead of time for weekdays, when I tend to arrive home around 6 pm ready to do anything but assemble an entire meal on the spot. Last night (Monday) we had braised pork chops and potatoes that I assembled in the crockpot the night before and that cooked on "low" all day; plus a salad (thank you, Michael). Tonight we simply heated our slices of quiche in the microwave, and Michael came through with another salad.

Tomorrow night we'll have my favorite turkey meat loaf, mixed and put in its glass baking dish last night, along with rice or corn, and a green veggie (frozen, nuked). Eating cheap, eating healthy: it can be fun! What's your favorite easy, reasonably healthy meal for weeknights? (Extra points if it's palatable to teenagers.)

2) This gorgeous bird's name is the Common Flicker, a large variety of woodpecker. Yes, I had to look her up in the birding guide after I spotted her through the living-room windows. The yellow on the undersides of her wings and tail is vivid when she flies. I cheered this pretty lady on as she stubbornly chased away starlings that tried to share the suet feeder with her.

The other day I thought I glimpsed a Baltimore oriole, but surely it's too early. What do you think? I will put some oranges out this weekend and see what shows up.

UPDATE: A friend commented here that I might have seen an evening grosbeak – the "orange" bird I saw was more of a gold – and after Googling, I believe she's right. Cool!


  • I would think it would be early for orioles. Here in the middle of the lower 48, they tend to show up about the time the redbud trees bloom.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Mar 03, 11:10:00 PM EST  

  • I thought it was way too early, too. Wonder what I saw. It was more golden than orange, I think; but definitely not a common flicker like the one at our feeder. Thanks for the info.

    By Blogger Anne D., at Wed Mar 04, 08:23:00 AM EST  

  • It could have been an oriole, there's always the chance of a rogue bird, one blown off course etc. I just mostly am thinking it's still a bit early to put out the fruit. I fed grape jelly for the first time last year, and so it was fun for me to note the orioles "working" a redbud tree. So this year I know when I want to put out my jelly feeder. A couple of folks from the Bird Watcher's Digest magazine have personal blogs and are known to answer questions if you are stumped, or merely curious.
    Enjoyed your flicker photos, thanks for sharing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 04, 11:21:00 AM EST  

  • Your quiche looks yummy! A flicker has been visiting my suet feeders too. His beak is very long and the other birds do not mess with him ;)
    I usually get Orioles the beginning of May. I don't think it's impossible for an Oriole to be this far north at this time of the year.
    Look up Evening Grosbeak in your field guide.

    By Blogger Monarchdancer, at Wed Mar 04, 11:42:00 AM EST  

  • Evening grosbeak! Thanks, Monarchdancer -- that's what I believe I saw. Thanks for the tip.

    By Blogger Anne D., at Wed Mar 04, 01:35:00 PM EST  

  • What a lovely, eclectic post!

    By Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann, at Sun Mar 08, 01:07:00 AM EST  

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