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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blessings 10-18-09

Sunset from our beach, October 14, 2009.

Yes, we're featuring a return to the "Blessings" series here at Anne Notations. I've detected the beginning of an emotional rut, seasonal or otherwise. Onward and upward with the antidote.

1. Gotta start with Los Lonely Boys, whose acoustic show last night at the charming Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford emphatically dispelled my worry that a non-Stratocaster version of this great band would be boring or wimpy. Even on hollow-body acoustic guitars and a stripped down drum kit, Henry, Jojo, and Ringo rocked the house – including my brother and his wife, and two of their friends, who pumped their fists and danced alongside me. I felt my funk dissolving in the face of the Garza brothers' musical talent, funny patter, and sheer happiness.

2. In the same vein: Discovering, thanks to the above show, the amazing musicianship of former punk-rocker and veteran songwriter Alejandro Escovedo, who brought two virtuosos to the stage with him – a crack lead guitarist named David Pulkingham and a gypsy-like violinist, Susan Voelz, whose haunting counterpoint to Escovedo's vocals sent chills up my spine.

3. My husband, who – despite an aversion to rock in general and to live shows in particular – went with me to the above concert when a friend had to cancel at the last minute. He even missed most of the Yankees epic playoff game on TV. Thank you, dear.

4. The MBTA commuter train, and the "T" (Boston subway), which took Kevin and me to Boston for a blitz visit to two colleges – Emerson and Northeastern – last Wednesday. The ride from Providence was especially pleasant due to a chance meeting with a former colleague and the ensuing conversation. Also: Boston was beautiful and alluring in its fall finery on an especially bright, crisp day. The gorgeous old architecture of the buildings that house Emerson College was a delight to the eyes. Not least, I inwardly warmed with pride when my often-shy boy Kevin raised his hand and asked a question at one of the information sessions.

5. An afternoon nap in my comfy recliner, under a polarfleece blanket, on this very cold, rainy, windy fall day. Those stolen two hours exemplified the line from MacBeth: “Sleep that knits up the ravel'd sleave of care.”


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