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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blessings 8-11-09

1. An only-in-Rhode-Island Monday holiday, which gave me a lovely four-day weekend.

2. The exquisite crispness of air conditioning on muggy summer nights. Ahhhhhhh.

At a Revs-Galaxy soccer game Saturday night: Eric, Kevin, and Melinda

3. Cousins (see photo, above). I loved spending holidays and vacations with my cousins on both sides; our kids totally enjoy getting together with theirs. There is something timeless and comforting about cousin friendships. Also, two of my very early crushes, c. age 10-11, were on boy cousins! (blush)

4. My generous Maine friends, the owners of six dogs (five of them rescues), who always have room in their home and hearts to foster one more – like this sweet older Sheltie awaiting adoption.

5. Watching reruns of Bones with Melinda while sipping cold limeade.


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