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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blessings 8-2-09

1. The words, from Caroline, "I love you, Nana."

2. The words, from my husband, "You look young and pretty to me."

3. Baking a blueberry sour-cream coffeecake in my 30-year-old harvest-gold bundt pan.

4. A phone call from my friend (and mother of my first boyfriend) Peggy, now 83 and going strong, that ended with her saying "I love you" and me saying it back.

5. The way gardens thrive here in the soft air of the bay.


  • Really nice ones. You are especially blessed, partticularly due to #2. All of these are great, and I'm a fan of the idea.

    I should make a gratitude list everyday (though if I really paid attention, prayer would already serve that purpose.

    By Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann, at Wed Aug 05, 11:06:00 AM EDT  

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