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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blessings 7-26-09

1. The woman parishioner at St. Sebastian's who volunteered to lead us all in singing, in the absence of choir or organ at the 11:00 mass. Thank you, aptly named Joy with the lovely soprano voice.

2. My 16 year old son reading the Epistle and the Prayers of the Faithful from beside the altar. To have a teenaged son who volunteers without embarrassment to read Scripture at mass is truly a blessing.

3. The loaves and the fishes. This gospel about a miracle is alluring to the very young – look, Jesus made lots of food for a crowd! – and humbling for adults. When Father Hayman read it today, what I heard was: Do more than expected. Give more. Interrupt your own agenda to minister to those in need.

I'm not sure God intended Jesus to do these very literal things in his public life – heal cripples, cast out devils, produce food for 5,000 from five loaves of bread. Personally, I'm not comfortable assuming that Jesus did them to dazzle the people of Palestine with magic tricks in order to further his ministry. Rather I believe that at times love simply overflowed his heart. Jesus the man couldn't help himself – the power of the Divine within him burst forth and manifested in merciful, miraculous acts. Not: Look at me! But: I see you.

4. The hydrangea in our garden finally blooming bluer than blue.

5. Having an actual sit-down Sunday afternoon dinner, all four of us, before Michael left for his week in Connecticut.

Bye, honey. I love you. See you on Friday.


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