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Friday, July 17, 2009

Blessings 7-17-09

1. The song "Summer Breeze" -- lyrics more poignant than ever.

2. Giving the parakeets' cage a thorough cleaning. They actually sound happier.

3. Caroline from 6:30 til 4: on the prowl, on sunflower patrol, on the go, on the beach, on her Dora the Explorer plastic chair, in the baby pool on the sidewalk. On! And then: the deepest sleep at naptime.

4. A last bittersweet Friday visit from Andrés, who leaves early Sunday morning for (fingers crossed) a new job and a new life in Ohio. I already miss him but am proud of his guts.

5. A shower (ahhhh) and then a glass of white wine with an ice cube on a sultry Friday night.


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