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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blessings 10-20-09

1. Friends: Having lunch with a local friend tomorrow at PhoNatic; tea with a longtime friend from out of state on Thursday. I don't get out much, between work and home duties, so it is a special treasure when I can spend even an hour with a woman dear to me. We always end up racing through a day's worth of empathetic conversation and laughter.

2. A hot shower right after work: the sinus-clearing warm dampness, pummeling of water on an aching back, clean silky hair, honeysuckle body lotion, cozy bathrobe. Ahhhh.

3. Spending the night curled on the couch with newspapers, watching DVR'ed TV shows: House from three weeks ago, NCIS recorded earlier tonight, and Curb Your Enthusiasm for laughs.

4. Kevin putting away the clean stuff from the dishwasher; me reloading it and washing a bunch of pots and Pyrex dishes. Empty sink and countertop = peace!

5. Approaching home just after the sun set this evening and seeing, to my right from Seaview Ave., ink-black ripples scribbled on the reflective lavender water of Brushneck Cove. In silhouette: a single-masted sailboat at anchor. Some kind of visual haiku lurks there....


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