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Monday, December 21, 2009

Solstice blessings 12/21/09

1. All three of our children under one roof – ours – for a week.

2. Feeling alive again today after being exhausted and possibly virus-ridden all weekend.

3. Followup to number 2: Having a husband at home, and children old enough, that I was able to sleep for 15 solid hours beginning Saturday at 4:30 pm.

4. The probability, after the weekend's 15" of snow, of a white Christmas this year.

5. In spite of the violent and grotesque behavior by nations and individuals that makes news every day, the certainty that most people in most circumstances – rich or poor, religious or atheist, young or old – instinctively react with compassion and selflessness when another is in need or in pain.

I just read this on RI Craigslist today:

My faith in people was renewed yesterday, big time. My daughter got stuck in her car on Read Ave. yesterday afternoon. She called me and i said i'd get dressed and come and help. By the time i got there,3 gentlemen were digging her out and helping. 10 minutes later,Melissa was on her way. I thanked the 3 gentlemen and followed my daughter to make sure she was ok. I went back to Read Ave to thank the guys again and offer to buy them lunch and they wouldn't even accept the 20.00 i offered. 3 great guys that i can't thank enough! Thank you,thank you!! Melissa's dad

Don't ask why I read Craigslist; I just do, OK? There is a lot of ugliness on the discussion boards there, but also points of light. I paw through the muck and treasure the gems. Left to their own devices (and sociopaths excepted), I really do believe that people are good at heart. A kind word, a helpful deed... these are our gifts to give and receive.


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