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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blessings 10-24-09

This little blessing will be four next month.

1. Watching people grooving to music in their cars. The neatly-coiffed blonde soccer mom in a BMW in front of me at a traffic light bobbing her head and shimmying her shoulders ... The dreadlocked guy in a rusted-out sedan bouncing in his seat to a beat I couldn't hear but could see ... The ponytailed teen, all alone, singing out loud to her radio with a rapturous smile. … I used to think they looked silly. Now I smile – I know just how they feel – and am more certain than ever that music is a common code that connects us all to life, the universe, and everyone. No wonder we dance.

2. Caroline (with an Amanda Pig book in her lap) in reading-readiness mode: "Nana, which word is 'said'? [I point and sound it out.] Sss. Sss. SAID." Pauses to scan the page. "Nana, why does this book have so much 'said'?"

3. That big hug from Kathy on Thursday.

4. Sunrise as I drive to Brown on Smith Street, from La Salle. For a little state, we sure have an impressive state house.

5. Sunset from my west-facing office window. I sure have a great view, if you can ignore the screen.

6. Bonus blessing: Getting into bed at midnight, cold; snuggling up to Michael's warm back. His feet twining with mine. Breathing his unmistakable Michael-ness. Snuggling as close as I can and being surprised by the joy it brings after all these years. Falling sound asleep within minutes: safe, warm, loving, loved.


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