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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blessings 3-7-10

1. Friends, virtual and real-life, who get me through the dark nights. Also, my dog: always there for me.

2. Dear Kathy, who visited this week and helped me feel connected in all kinds of ways, and made me laugh and laugh.

3. Hearing Patrick talk at Brown's Mass today about his work in Haiti. Hearing Kevin tell Patrick he might volunteer there some spring break. Hearing Father B. tell salty stories about priests at bagel hour.

4. A springlike weekend with songbirds trilling and warbling their hearts out. Warm enough to sit on the front porch in my rocker for a half-hour this afternoon: Now, that is relaxation.

5. Washing the kitchen floor with the Swiffer thingie that shoots out a little jet of disinfecting liquid onto the tiles: more like play than work. Whee!


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