Anne Notations

Thursday, October 27, 2005


My stepdaughter Leslie (above, at right, with Melinda) is expecting her first child - a daughter - in the coming month. Doesn't she look beautiful in that ripe way unique to pregnant women? I am reminded of autumn apples, sweet pears, all the fruity abundance we reap at harvest-time. It is cause for thanksgiving, clearly.

Michael and I will be grandparents! I'm ready to be Granny Annie.

Leslie's mother-in-law gave her a baby shower last Sunday in Newport -- thank you, Ronna. The color pink was well represented both in gift-wrap and the gifts themselves. Soon there will be a pink-faced tiny girl in our lives. Woot!

I have been too (choose one) 1) busy 2) preoccupied 3) befuddled 4) all of the above to write in this blog lately. I miss the writing and the reviewing; more is on the way.