Anne Notations

Monday, January 22, 2007


The Christmas after my husband and I were married in 1975, his brother John gave us a small, flat circle of wood with the letters "TUIT" written on one side. He explained that now we could do all the things we'd put off until we got "a round tuit."

Very funny, John!

Now, 32 years later, I wish I had kept that little piece of wood. I'm 55, which is not old, but between work, house stuff, raising the kids, etc., I have begun to worry I will run out of time - not to mention money - for the things I want to see and do. I was reminded of this just now by an entry in Mary's blog about a scrapbooking convention. What fun! I wish I could get organized to display our lives in a series of lovely scrapbooks.

What do you want to accomplish or do?

Here is my list:

- The aforementioned scrapbooking.
- Never mind scrapbooking; I'd just like to get the family photos going back to 1994-ish in albums!
- Learn to use all the features on my digital camera and do more non-snapshot photography.
- Practice the piano so I can play songs for Caroline - and for myself.
- Art: drawing, painting, printmaking.
- Travel: At a bare minimum, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, the Holy Land (if it's ever safe), the Caribbean, California (again), Seattle, Vancouver, Colombia (again) -- the latter with Andrés and Melinda, the St. Louis area (ancestral interests), Nova Scotia. I would like to drive with Michael around the entire United States, rambling off the major highways à la Charles Kuralt. I hope to travel by rail across Canada and then down the West Coast, disembarking frequently to see the sights.
- Get to another Star Wars convention (I can't go to the one this May. Boo).
- See Prince in concert.
- Spend a week at a spa (ladies only).
- Take Melinda to New York City for theater and shopping and girly fun.
- Get back on my hockey skates.
- Related to previous item: Lose 50 pounds, permanently.
- Have a "bird room" at home with a parrot, some cockatiels, and some parakeets, as well as a tank holding several red-eared sliders (turtles).
- Earn or win enough money to make a large, meaningful charitable donation locally.
- See our kids graduated from college, launched on careers, and eventually married and giving us some more grandchildren. Yes, I want to see these things in person!

I guess I won't stress about my mortality. I have far too many things to do before I die.

Friday, January 19, 2007


"Anyone who hates babies and dogs can't be all bad." W.C. Fields didn't actually say that; Leo Rosten did, during a tribute to the potato-nosed one at a banquet in 1939.

Anyone who hates babies and dogs would not have much fun chez nous. Caroline and Daisy have been doing some serious bonding.

Not to mention the occasional eye-poke, which we are working on.

The first thing Caroline says when she arrives on Wednesday mornings is "Dzz-eee."