Anne Notations

Friday, March 23, 2007

Coming up for air

OK, I'm still alive. "Hi!" (waving) It has been a fairly stressful winter, but we all made it. Still in the Providence house. Still fixing up the Warwick house.

Some fun things have happened since my last post.

Kevin and I and one of his good friends went to see an absolutely enchanting rock band called OK Go at Lupo's in Providence last month. They're fun, they're funny, they rock, and their lyrics are awesome. Later I found out that their lead singer, Damian Kulash, is a Brown graduate - in art semiotics. No surprise there! (And that is a compliment.)

The next night, Kevin went to his first formal dance, the Winter Ball at LaSalle - with a date! Kayla is "just a friend" and they went with a bunch of pals ... very cute.

Melinda went, too, with a limo full of friends. Here she is with Melanie and Torey.

Caroline is a peanut at 15 months with an impressive spoken vocabulary ("soft!" "sock" "num-num" and the inevitable "No!"). She isn't walking independently yet but cruises around holding onto the furniture, and is an absolute ace at scooting up stairs in a nanosecond. She loves her Auntie Melinda (shown here on Valentine's Day) and her uncles and Poppop.

On March 13, Andrés turned 21, and a few days later we celebrated with Sunday lunch at the Olive Garden restaurant. Kevin gave him this T-shirt. The pretty young woman is Andrés's girlfriend Tina.