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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why move? Here's why

Michael and I have occasionally looked at each other this summer - as we fret about selling our Providence house, as we sweat over the new house and its many urgent needs - and asked, "Remind me why we thought this was a good idea?"

Today Kevin and I drove down to our new house in Warwick, where Michael was doing various fix-it chores and Mike the painter was hard at work spackling and sanding upstairs. The two of us took a little walk down the street to the beach. Keep in mind that this is a walk of maybe 100 yards from our front door. Then I remembered why we're moving here. It's ... simply gorgeous.

Kevin walking from the dead end of our road onto the foot path on the beach:

View of Greenwich Bay and Narragansett Bay to the south:

Looking back down the road at our house:

Looking east toward the town beach and Warwick Neck:

Southwest across Greenwich Bay:

Looking at our house - second from right - from the beach:

Our dead-end street from the west along Brushneck Cove:

If you're going to live in the Ocean State, why not make the most of it?


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