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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sweet things

For the last five years, Melinda has enjoyed hijacking the kitchen and producing various baked yummy items. She specializes in holiday-themed sweets, such as the beautiful decorated cupcakes above, which she made for Easter this year.

Recently she perfected The Brownie Recipe(tm). I have had my copy of The Brownie Recipe for some 25 years now, and if you click here you can see the (now heavily stained) copy of it written out in my friend Kathy's printing back in the early ’80s. The recipe came from the New York Times via our designer extraordinaire, Kathryn. It was an office staple for years. Twice in a row this past month, Melinda has baked these brownies so perfectly that Kevin and I were nearly howling with delight as we ate one after another.

When Caroline visits on Wednesdays, she asks for muffins. Melinda or I try to bake a batch of mini chocolate-chip muffins the night before.

As you can see, they are a hit with the two-year-old gourmand in her booster seat!


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