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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Front row seats

Ready or not. Here it comes. Kevin says this photo looks like a still from a Spielberg movie. Be sure to click and see it big.

Tonight I learned first-hand about squall lines and shelf clouds.

Shortly after I pulled into the driveway at home around 6 p.m., a storm rolled up behind me from the north. Michael, our neighbor Felicia, Kevin, and I gaped from the road at the amazing show unfolding in the sky. When the lightning got close, we retreated to our front porches and marveled at the ferocious downpour. The rain quickly moved southeast, so I walked down to the beach and took some photos of the bay.

The word awesome is overused, but tonight I just have to say it: Awesome! There are a lot of photos here, and I love them all and hope you'll click to see them larger.

Elsewhere in Rhode Island, hailstones piled up like snowdrifts and roads filled with flood waters. A fisherman in Bristol was struck by lightning. Trees split and toppled, a chimney was blasted to bits by a lightning strike, and people everywhere were left shaking their heads at this wild day of weather.

New England: If you don't like the weather, wait a minute.

Home, reflected.



  • Wow. I think these pictures are the definition of awesome and all its synonyms.

    By Blogger BrideOfPorkins, at Wed Jun 25, 05:14:00 AM EDT  

  • Ed and I walked the town beach at 7:45 last night to watch the clouds morph, the squall over the water and the lightning within the squall. We wished we had brought our camera. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    By Blogger tjs, at Wed Jun 25, 08:54:00 AM EDT  

  • It didn't amount to much more than a lot of water here in Providence though at the 1:30PM mark I could have sworn I felt hail but didn't see it.

    If you look in a.ri you'll see the link to a photo captured where it looks like the clouds are reaching down to touch the buildings. But you got some awesome shots there.

    BTW, I'm "T" in a.ri

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 25, 02:27:00 PM EDT  

  • Hey Ann... Great shots.

    For the past three weeks during my annual RI visit, nothing... then wham! ...about five hours after I left for Austin.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 26, 05:44:00 PM EDT  

  • Incredible shots, Anne! Nature in all its amazing glory. Thanks for sharing them.

    By Anonymous rjdriver, at Sat Jun 28, 08:10:00 AM EDT  

  • Unbelievably awesome!

    By Blogger bozoette, at Tue Jul 01, 11:26:00 AM EDT  

  • THAT's why I thought Rhode Island was so cool! Well--we share a common ocean, only my piece is in NJ, and for some reason a lot of the awe is missing. Maybe it's familiarity. Maybe it's the loudmouthed tourists parked illegally and then leaving beer bottles, condoms, and diapers on the beach. Maybe it's that the air currents and water down here do different things to the sky, no joke. Storm or not, there was a peculiar beauty to South County back in 1990 that I haven't seen since, even after 8.5 years living across from the ocean beach.

    By Blogger Ken, at Thu Jul 03, 10:08:00 AM EDT  

  • Absolutely phenomenal photography Anne! Truly breathtaking to watch Mother Nature in her "busy work". Brought a smile to my face and a calm to my day. Thanks!

    By Anonymous Jane, at Sun Jul 06, 03:17:00 AM EDT  

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