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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Caught up

An amazing thing happened this morning at around 11 a.m. Michael and I were sitting on the front porch sipping coffee and eating sliced pineapple, melon, and strawberries and watching the sun and wind dance on the whitecapped bay. Every few moments, my body would shudder a bit, and not from cold; the temperature was perfect.

My body was itching to get up and do something. It believed, out of habit, that there was some chore, errand, or job to do in the kitchen, on the computer – anywhere.

And there wasn't! We had spent several days preparing for our combined family reunion and Melinda's graduation party yesterday (see below). The morning of the party, I had finally – after one year!– finished organizing my sunroom-office at home.

Michael and I had hung the pictures on the sunroom wall above my computer.

At work last week I had gotten signoff on a draft report that had been bouncing back and forth for many months. I was at the "almost ready to write" stage on several stories for the internal news page at work, and that felt good.

I don't owe anyone a birthday card or other mail. My latest eBay auctions ended last night and the packages are ready to ship. There is so much food left over from the party, I won't have to cook until Tuesday night!

How rare, how unsettling in fact, is the state of being all caught up. It took effort to stifle my "get to work" impulse and relax in the porch chair this morning. I had all day to do whatever I wanted! The sun was shining, the water was blue and wild, and it was neither too hot nor too cool. I could (and did) chat at length with Michael and Melinda, putter in the gardens, listen to some music on iTunes with Kevin, read the Sunday paper, snack on leftovers.

What is especially amazing is that in every sense I am sated. Two years after purchasing this property, we have finished the interior and exterior work on our house and yard. It's beautiful, in my biased opinion. On a midsummer day I am convinced we're living in my personal paradise.

I don't need to buy anything. I don't need to eat any more, for a while at least. *snort* I have all the clothes and shoes and sandals and pets and other possessions I could want.

Now I just need to re-learn how to enjoy leisure time – a lesson I can savor.

A few photos from yesterday:

Melinda and her graduation cake.

Our longtime babysitter Diane and her three charges (plus Caroline).

Mom Leslie and Caroline playing pattycake. Notice my Syracuse-themed floral arrangements!

Melinda and some of her friends opening presents.

Somebody can't resist the cake icing!

My sister-in-law Karen and my brother John. They rode in on his new Suzuki motorcycle.


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