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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moon indigo

A high cloud bank lingered for more than an hour this evening as the sun set. Eventually, as dark fell, it released its bright hostage: a slice of moon.

I love the indigo or midnight-blue color of the sky soon after sunset, don't you?

This scene was worth a few mosquito bites. So was the leisurely talk I had during the previous hour on the deck belonging to our new neighbors, Betsy and Kim. It's been a while since we could drop in on folks down the street – open the gate and wave hello, and be welcomed for a chat. Our Providence neighborhood wasn't the type for socializing – planned or serendipitous. Here, it's happening more and more often. I'm thankful.

Flag, cloud, and moon in the light of the just-set sun, from our neighbors' deck.


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