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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Number Nine and other news

With the ninth month just begun and the kids back in school, let's pause for a moment to mark a few recent occasions.

August 29: Grandbaby Caroline is nine months old! She is as sweet as a summer peach. Last week she said (yes, I swear it) "Na-na-na" to me.

August 17: My ninth anniversary of joining eBay. They sent me a swell card! What a cute little company. When I first signed up with eBay, I bought clothes and Beanie Babies for the kids. Soon I branched out, buying clothes and purses for myself. Eventually I completed extensive collections of blue-and-white china and turtles in many forms (figurines, pillows, pottery). Now, as we prepare to move, I'm selling most of it on - you guessed it - eBay.

July 12: We've been married 31 years.
Yes: three-one years.

June 24: Peter and I went to Foxwoods in Connecticut to see Los Lonely Boys; our seats were in the second row right in front of Henry. The Best Concert. I really mean it. And "Oye Mamacita" on their new album, Sacred, is the best song ever.

August 13: Kevin turned 14 and is now a freshman in high school. He grew about five inches this year and went from a size 8 to a size 10.5 men's shoe. Bringing this back to nines: Kevin was conceived exactly nine months after we brought our children home from Colombia. He was born nine months to the day after my Grandma May died. Not for nothing did my mother-in-law dub our surprise baby "Kevin from Heaven."

We are still trying to sell our house, still renovating the house at the beach. Fingers crossed that we move in before.... Christmas? Oy.

Being "Nana" helps me stay calm. One big smile is worth a visit to the day spa.


  • Happy Anniversary!! You're only five years ahead of me. And Caroline -- of course she's talking to you!

    By Blogger Bozoette, at Fri Sep 08, 02:09:00 PM EDT  

  • Hi Anne!
    I know you don't know me, maybe that will change someday ;-)
    Saw a comment by you at the blog by our great Sweden-*Girl*.
    Anyway, I like your blog.. I probably will take a look more often here ;-)

    Take care

    By Blogger cooling, at Fri Sep 15, 05:30:00 PM EDT  

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