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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This greeting card caught my eye as I browsed in the main turnkey post office this morning. How like my thoughts in the previous evening's blog! – especially its last full paragraph. I knew I had to buy the card and scan it so I could add Marcus Aurelius's cogent words here. (Also, the photograph is nice.)

This morning as I walked Daisy, I wished desperately I had brought my camera along. From the walking/bike path stretching over toward our house, the green field was dotted with beautiful wildflowers – and old cultivated rosebushes now run rampant. Orange lilies, red and dark pink roses, phallic yellow spikes (left), brilliant magenta and violet beach-pea blossoms, and white honeysuckle, all popping out in the bright gray morning light like grounded fireworks of the sweetest kind. I breathed their perfume deeply, over and over, until I felt dizzy.


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