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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solstice eve

June 20-21 is one of two solstices, days when the rays of the sun directly strike one of the two tropical latitude lines. … In 2010, the solstice occurs and summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere early on June 21, at 7:28 a.m. EDT.

On the beach, 8:20 pm

Here is what I can show you:
The long, long glowing sunset over the cove.
Endless ripples on the water.
A gull winging by in silhouetted glory.
The moon.

I wish you could smell what I smell tonight:
Heavy-sweet honeysuckle and roses.
The sulphur tang of low tide.
A whiff of clammy fry oil from Iggy's.

I wish you could hear what I hear tonight:
Gentle swush of waves on the shore.
The mournful bark of gulls.
A mother explaining hermit crabs to her son.
A murmur of voices from back yards and jetties.
The fizz and pop of small fireworks.

I wish you could believe what I know tonight:
We who breathe the breeze, who see the sea and clouds,
who feel the summer air – peau de soie,
We are the luckiest of the lucky.
We are alive. We alone on Earth love beauty.
We are children of a darkly glimpsed Father.

Praise God from whom these blessings flow.

In memory of my father, James Hinman, on this Father's Day.
He loved sunsets and the shore.


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