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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cool end to a hot day

It was sweltering in the city today, but when I got home around 6:30 pm the breeze rippled cool air over our little peninsula. We ate a quick supper, then Michael and I went for a walk around the bike path.

Sometimes life feels so fine, the Eeyore in me expects doom to be lurking around the corner. Maybe feeling fine isn't a reward that can be snatched away by fate; maybe it's simply a state, neither deserved nor undeserved. I'll try to wear it naturally, comfortably.

We headed off the path and stood on the beach at Brushneck Cove so I could take a few photos of the sunset. I backed up into Michael and he put his hand on my hip; I nuzzled his whiskery chin. For a few moments I was 17 again, strolling through the cool summer dusk on Ned's Point with my boyfriend, sharing sweet kisses, listening to the rigging ping against aluminum masts at the yacht club. Same breeze, same beloved salt-water smell, same sunset, same thrilled young heart. Or so it felt.

A kayaker headed out into the cove as the sun dove for cover behind Buttonwoods. Behind us, the full moon rose.

There really is a rising moon in the background. Click on this photo and maybe you'll see it.

We turned for home, greeting beach-goers packing up their cars for the day, putting away an absent neighbor's garbage cans left at curbside, calling the tame feral cats for some stroking and purring at our porch steps. A short while later I walked to the beach to check on the moon. My camera battery went dead after just one click of the shutter. Time to put the camera down, stop recording, and just breathe it all in.

Only one chance: best I could do.

Be, see, feel: a new mantra?


  • Hi Anne - my first "date" was a hand-in-hand walk around Ned's Point - thanks for bringing up the memory!
    Chris R.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 17, 01:42:00 PM EDT  

  • Anne,

    Beautiful images, and it was funny to hear you describe something that is always so pleasant to me-- the rigging ping against aluminum masts-- I absolutely love that sound and find it so relaxing and comforting. Can't wait to get back to the marina!

    Thanks for sharing your evening with all your readers. :)


    By Anonymous JM, at Thu Jul 17, 03:41:00 PM EDT  

  • Beautifully written and such wonderful photographs.

    I am glad I came across your blog!

    By Anonymous wimbleball, at Fri Jul 18, 10:07:00 AM EDT  

  • Your post made me happy. Thank you. (And I did see the rising moon!)

    By Blogger bozoette, at Fri Jul 18, 02:54:00 PM EDT  

  • Yeah - I saw the rising moon. Nice post. Ah, to just be.

    You seem to have some new readers - more people enjoying what you put out there and letting you know.

    By Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann, at Sun Jul 20, 11:39:00 PM EDT  

  • sigh... your words bring the images to life. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you my dear, know how to weave your words so that we don't need a thousand!

    Btw, what kind of camera do you have? It takes amazing photos!


    By Anonymous Janey, at Sat Jul 26, 01:48:00 PM EDT  

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