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Monday, May 04, 2009

Into each life

Rain, rain, rain. April showers got nothing on May's hereabouts.

This week's forecast. A bit tedious, isn't it:

Not even the damp chill and some low clouds could keep Daisy and me indoors yesterday. On a gray Sunday, color and amusement awaited us in the neighborhood.

First and foremost, there is green. Lots of green. Green upon green. I call this photo "The Thin Green Line."

Look down, underneath the maple tree: It's a Jackson Pollock homage in chartreuse micro tree flowers and various shades of rock.

A cherry tree between Iggy's restaurant and the beach is festooned with puffs of cotton candy.

OK, I know they're weeds, but... but... dandelions are SO CHEERFUL! As long as they're beside the walking path and not in the front yard....

Politically correct spray paint on Oakland Beach Ave. near the JONAH Center.

Sweet spring sight: A men's softball game on the ball field. Is it too soon for a picnic?

There will be lilacs! Even in the woods.

Later, just before it set, the sun filtered through clouds to light up the greenery opposite our house and a sailboat across Greenwich Bay.

Waiting on the front porch for his nightly ear-scratching and purring session: the local gentleman cat, Tux. I think ours is what you'd call a symbiotic relationship. He gets lovely stroking in all the right spots; I get that special calm that a gentle animal imparts.

You all know I love it when you click on my photos to enlarge them.


  • Oy, I know, we're getting the rain too, my allergies kinda secretly are grateful but the cats have been missing their daily grass requirements.

    Nothing like spring blossoms to make the pollen worthwhile, though. Beautiful pictures, all. I love dandelions too, maybe they've done some mind control on me but the yellow is so cheery I can't help leaving ours right where they are.

    Hey, is that sixth picture where the non Mac users are supposed to stand? ;)

    By Blogger BrideOfPorkins, at Wed May 06, 01:51:00 AM EDT  

  • "Hey, is that sixth picture where the non Mac users are supposed to stand?"

    Ha ha -- yes, out in the woods, hiding from viruses. :-)

    By Blogger Anne D., at Wed May 06, 07:07:00 AM EDT  

  • Nice pictures, big time. I once read in Lester Julious' autobiography

    - -

    a line something like this, "Isn't it just like G-d to make so many dandelions, as if they weren't so beautiful?"

    By Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann, at Wed May 06, 06:46:00 PM EDT  

  • Oooo, Neil... that Lester line about dandelions gave me chills. Wonderful.

    (How do you remember all this stuff???)

    By Blogger Anne D., at Wed May 06, 07:57:00 PM EDT  

  • Tux looks just like my favorite cat, Barney. I had him in college and he was a big ole purry lump.

    By Blogger bozoette, at Fri May 08, 09:48:00 AM EDT  

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